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Fava beans with chickpeas in brine 400 g (24 pieces)

24 Fava beans with chickpeas in brine 400G
  • 24 Fava beans with chickpeas in brine 400G
  • 24 Fava beans with chickpeas in brine 400G
Sterilized Fava bean (foul) with chickpea 400 G
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Vegetable protein source
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fava beans

Ingredients: fava beans, water, salt, EDTA (E385), citric acid (E330), sugar

Package Weight: 400 ± 5 g

Net weight: 260 ± 5 g

Minimum shelf life: see front cover

Store & nbsp; RT

origin: Turkey

Nutritional value / 130 g

Energy: 143 kcal / 4.3 kJ

Carbohydrate: 25.5 g

Sugar: 3 g

Protein: 9.9 g

Fat: 0.5 g

salt: 13 g

Very popular combination of leguminous plants, especially in Syria, Lebanon, Greece and other the Middle East and the Mediterranean.


  • salads < li> soups
  • pasta
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