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Syrian soap jasmine 150 g

Syrian soap 2% oil of laurel scent of jasmine
  • Syrian soap 2% oil of laurel scent of jasmine
  • Syrian soap 2% oil of laurel scent of jasmine
  • Syrian soap 2% oil of laurel scent of jasmine
Aleppo bar soap of laurel and olive oil is a natural soap that comes from the city of Aleppo in Syria. Aleppské soap is considered the oldest bar soap in the world.
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  • 100% natural antimicrobial soap

  • The traditional production methods < / li>

  • of olive and laurel oil that highest quality

  • regenerates and nourishes skin

  • antibacterial and healing effects

  • < p> suitable for all skin types (thanks to natural composition suitable for problematic or baby skin)
  • use for the face, body, hair or as a detergent

  • the recommended by dermatologists as an antibacterial soap for eczema because of the uklidňujícíchúčinku skin

  • helps to reduction or complete disappearance of psoriasis

  • hair shampoo instead of ( regenerates hair, nourishes and adds shine, softness and is effective against dandruff)

  • is also recommended in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis and other skin diseases

  • laurel oil clog pores and acts against inflammation, so it is recommended for problematic skin suffering acne composition: Olive oil, laurel oil, Sodium hydroxide, Water, Glycerin, sodium chloride.

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