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Philosophy and basic values ​​of our company

Philosophy and basic values ​​of our company:
people (our customers and employees) - we care about each customer and employee

sincerity - we provide you with maximum information about our goods

quality - guaranteed (not only) certificates

honesty - the best we can

openness - we are open to new information, your opinions and criticism

respect - we respect the needs and opinions of each person

cooperation - we believe in the ability of others and we support each other

How are we different?

Belina is not just another company dealing with the use of natural substances on the skin. We do not want the health and well-being of our customers to be at the cost of environmental pollution or endangering our Earth. We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet.

The products we create are unique. Our Aleppo soap recipes are some of the oldest in the world (more than 2000 years old). We use natural ingredients for production and our result is products that not only nourish and care for your skin, but also do not harm our planet.

We mix all our cosmetic products by hand in small batches to ensure their freshness, consistency and perfection. We strive for maximum clean care for your skin and hair.

Natural composition. The charm of our products lies in their composition. Our products are proud of their content of natural ingredients. Any artificial ingredients, especially the necessary perfumes, make up less than 2% of the product in order to achieve the most natural product.

Customer support. We are very proud of our customer service, which listens and responds to every customer comment or question with well-researched and constructive answers. Our customers have easy access to our employees via e-mail and telephone, where they can ask questions about our products.

Environmental conscience. The raw materials used in the production come from our own sources (especially oils).

Our products are packaged in recyclable materials. We also offer unwrapped soap for maximum protection of our planet.

Tradition. Aleppo soaps are made on the basis of family recipes with a tradition of more than 2,000 years.

Value. The prices of our products are some of the lowest on the market. While profit is important to us to be able to continue what we enjoy, it is certainly not our priority.

Support for small and local businesses. Belina also offers support and assistance to new partners or small businesses.

The exceptional quality, loyalty and trust gained from our customers have helped us become an internationally recognized company.

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