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Pistachio halvah 400 g

Chalva Pistáciová 400g
Made according to traditional recipes from ground sesame seeds (tahini). Sesame seed is considered one of the healthiest seeds at all.

This healthy delicacy is made from high quality natural ingredients, which are the basic raw material ground sesame or sunflower seeds, which are ground down and mixed with honey or sugar syrup. As a tasty snack, it can also serve with fruit or ice cream. Is flavored with vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, almonds or peanuts. Served sliced. It can also drizzle with lemon and sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon.
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Ingredients: sesame paste, vanilla, sugar, glucose, essences Halawa Pistachio, preservatives citric acid E330)

The net weight is 400 g. ± 3%.

Minimum shelf life to: see back cover.

Keep dry and away from sunlight.

the product contains sesame

Nutritional value / 100 g. < p> Energy: 60cal.

Carbohydrate: 14g.

Carbohydrate: 14g.

Protein: 0 g.

Fat: 0g .

salt & nbsp; 0 mg.

Imports and sells : Z & amp; & nbsp; With Care Belina s.r.o

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